Detroit’s Blooming Businesses


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Not sure of what he wants to be when his kids grow up, Claude Thompson, Markets 7 Talents @, to become Detroit Stores, by 2025.  At 41, Claude enrolls in Businesses School, & begins develops a series of 7 start-ups..

eFlower Shop —  (313) THE-GIFT, is Detroit’s e-Flower Shop, fully integrating 313thegift.COM, STORE, and PHONE # together, And Store is beta testing @ Chris Engel’s Greenhouse. w/ Metro-Detroit Tracking.

Entertainment — 313-MEUSACK produces Detroit’s Music Underground w/ Chef Joy RD’s Produce Section, and 313-MEUSACL tours 313 of Detroit neighborhood Churches w/  Brother Thompson’s Covered BAND.

Fashion Label —  313-NET-RACK to begin with T-Shirts, and delivering from Detroit Stores.


Detroit’s eFlower Shop, (313) THE-GIFT, fully integrated @ and Store, at (313) 843-4438, in real-time.

Before Claude Thompson and Rob Whitaker, reopens “CAM-Florist”, Southfield’s E-Flower Shop, displaced when Macy’s in Northland mall closed, CAMFLORIST.COM  invests in Detroit, saving 2 Detroit Traditions, Chris Engel’s Greenhouse, est. 1883, and The Oldest Floral Wholesaler in Detroit.


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The 101-Step Business System authored by Claude Thompson III.     

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